Its good to see that I’m not the only one discussing Steve Pavlina’s blog post where he has written about wanting slaves. Over at, there’s also an interesting post titled: “Steve Pavlina Planning Openly to Create a (non)Cult”.

There’s also another amusing post from the same blog that I’d recommend reading: “How to Take the Plunge into Complete Narcissism: on Steve Pavlina’s Subjective Reality”.

In other news, it seems that Pavlina is now changing tactics. He is now claiming that his blog post on slavery was just a joke. However, if it was, then I’m surprised that the blog post is still up with no mention whatsoever of being an April Fools’ joke? 1st April has long gone past.

Most websites/magazines which put up an April Fools joke almost always post a rebuttal the next day making it clear that the previous story was a joke. However, it is almost 10 days already, and Pavlina’s post is still up, with the only mention of April Fools’ to those who criticize him and none whatsoever to those who agree with him? His posts on the forums also seem to show that he’s quite serious about this arrangement.

Now, he has said that he is making another blog post titled ‘Help Wanted (The serious version)’ in which he will describe which parts of his blog post were a joke and which weren’t. However, he could still add a disclaimer at the end of his old post saying ‘this was a joke, wait for my new blog post where I will explain’.

My guess is, the reason he hasn’t done so, is because he wants to wait as long as possible to see if he would get any applicants for the old post.

Lets wait and see if his new blog post clears away the points I’ve raised about bypassing employment laws, exploiting the naivety/vulnerability of someone naive enough to fall for this, etc.

I’ll be sure to give an objective analysis of his new blog post here. My goal here isn’t to simply criticize Pavlina just for the sake of it. If it seems like his ‘serious’ arrangement will actually be a good deal for his ‘slaves’ rather than just exploiting them, I’ll give him full credit for that.