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  1. Dmitriy.
    Jul 09, 2017 @ 11:09:34

    I want to ask you for advice|help.

    I’m looking for one of his articels. There he was writing about goal setting, specifically we wrote smth. like “many of those who read this blog achieved their goals already. One thing that differs people who achieve their goals from those who don’t is that they have a vision(picture?) of what they want to achieve. And if you ask them where do they go – they can tell you”. Unfortunately I don’t remember specific quotation.
    Seems like this was smth. connected with goals. I’m searching in his site goals, purpose, picture, vision – but can’t find the article I need.

    Could you please advise me where to ask for help? Is it a community of Steve followers or smth. like this?

    Thanks in advance!


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